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Who is Professional Cleaning Co., Inc.?

Professional Cleaning Co., Inc. is owned and operated by experienced professionals in the cleaning industry. We bring to your company a vast knowledge of the latest developments in methods, supplies, environmentally safe materials and equipment. We pride ourselves in giving personal attention to each account...identifying the customer's needs and "cutomizing" a cleaning program to meet those needs. Our customers include OFFICE BUILDINGS, SPORTS FACILITIES, REGIONAL SHOPPING MALLS AND STRIP SHOPPING CENTERS.

Our Customers Become Our Sales Force

Perhaps the greatest indication of our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers is the fact that we have no sales people on our staff. The company relies pricipally on "word of mouth" advertising to help build our expanding business. We are proud that when we contract with a new customer we earn and retain his confidence. The customer's satisfaction is the primary reason the company has grown more than 60 percent in each of the last four years.

We offer a propective account our complete customer list as references and welcome inquiries as to our performance.

When you hire P.C.C. You Get...

Professional Cleaner Vs. In-House Department

Your company has made a substantial investment in property and furnishings to create a pleasant and comportable business environment. Providing clean, attractive and well-maintained offices tells your customers you care about them and appreciate their business. Additionally, behavorial psychologists tell us that employee productivity and morale increase substantially when they work in a clean and well-kept surroundings. Your customers and employees deserve professional attention.

You should be aware that in-house cleaning is rarely found to be cost efficient when one considers the purchase of equipment and supplies along with other factors such as hourly wages, taxes, health insurance, unemployment and workman's compensation. Our volume purchase of supplies and equipment reduces costs and these savings are passed on to our customers. Additionally, our knowledge of scheduling combined with skilled supervision insures an efficient workforce.

Finally, isn't your time too important to be spent in the cleaning business? Remember, you will be responsible for hiring, training and supervising and entire in-house maintenance department. Shouldn't you and your staff direct your efforts to what you do best and leave the cleaning to professionals?

The Bottom Line...

We are confident that Professional Cleaning Co., Inc. provides the best available cleaning and property management support. We would consider it a priviledge to meet with you about customizing a plan to fulfill your cleaning and maintenance needs. We will propose a reaasonable price structure that contains no hidden fees or "surprises." Custom service...reasonable surprises... that's what Professional Cleaning is all about.

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